“Being a new parent is filled with worry, beauty, mystery, joy and mostly sleep deprivation. Manon’s daily visits when Charles was born helped us with all of the above and many more questions that young parents have. She not only addresses all emotional and practical aspects of caring for a new born with a calm and open heart but takes all the little things that need organization out of your hands.” ~ Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

“We worked with Manon for the first five months of our little one’s arrival to the world. Being our first baby, we wanted to make sure we knew how to take care of him in a way that suited our values.

She truly helped put my mind at ease and I felt like I had the support of a family member (with more experience!) in our network. She is very well-connected in the community and I truly trust her advice and judgment. She was not only a great help, but became a true friend to us.
Working with Manon was a gift and she will always hold a close place in our hearts and lives.”  ~ Vanessa Romann


“I cannot say ENOUGH AMAZING THINGS about Manon.  She literally taught us how to become parents. Her service as a postpartum doula was so necessary in my transition to becoming a mama, and my husband’s transition to becoming a dad.  I had a c section and although my recovery was easy, she always checked in not only with the babe but with me personally making sure my body was healing and helped with optimal breastfeeding techniques.  She even organized our nursery once the baby came home 🙂 I was able to txt and call if needed as I had no idea what the witching hr was and how to handle it and she was always available for a quick question and reassuring voice.  Sometimes it is necessary to have someone who is not family, not bias to their own experiences to get you through a tough day or night. 

The chicest, most soft spoken, kindest woman, who knows ALL! Nothing too taboo and she will literally walk you through all that is needed or just be a wonderful warm body to hold your baby for a few hrs while you eat and shower 🙂 ” ~ Camille & Cody Goldstein 


“Manon’s support groups were so supportive for me when my daughter alice was a baby. The meetings are what got me through the week sometimes and what built my confidence as a mom. And I still have many friends I met from back then.  I really missed the groups when Desi was a baby.  Thank you for being such a wealth of knowledge and emotional support too.” ~ Jennifer

“The Hudson River Park Mothers’ Group wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for Manon’s new mamma group c/o Tribeca Pediatrics. There were about 8 mom’s back then, most of us didn’t know any other mother’s, and most of us had friends who just couldn’t relate to what we were experiencing: shock, sleep deprivation, insecurity, joyfulness and wonder, isolation, depression etc. Many of us made great friendships and all of us made sure that we reached out to other mothers who were going through the same experience we were. Now the Hudson River Park Mothers’ Group is over thousands of members strong and none of this would have been possible without Manon planting the seed in us as she did. I recommended Manon’s support groups to every new mother that joined our message board. Her groups were an incredible resource for women through out Lower Manhattan. She is a giving and nurturing presence and the perfect place for a new mother to find guidance and support. Manon can offer this in a way that only an experienced doula and two time mother can. Manon has a wealth of information and a heart of gold. Her generosity of heart and openness to share transcends herself and spreads like a wild fire in the hearts of the mothers that she helps. I can’t think of anyone else whose support has touched me in this way.” ~ Anna Grossman Director HRP Mama’s

“I have referred many of my patients to Manon for postpartum support but also for breastfeeding guidance, I called her the “breast whisperer” since she always was able to guide, correct and prevent issues. I fully trusted her with my new mothers.” ~ Austin Chen OBYN

“The parents of my patient’s, who hired Manon as a Post-partum Doula, have expressed what a wonderful presence she was during the first weeks of adjustments. Her advice on newborn care and family guidance are priceless. I am very honored to have used her services by offering mother support groups for my parents. These groups delegated with issues like sleep, breastfeeding, solids etc. and it created a major support network in the community.”  ~Michel Cohen M.D. Director and founder of Tribeca Pediatrics