199419_117202998354772_7728682_n    generic cytotec canada  At Carriage House Birth, we recreate that village.

can tinidazole be bought over the counter Carriage House Birth strives to provide women with a family system. The success of our model is grounded in the cultivation of relationships among the members of our collective. We believe that it is imperative for our birth doulas, postpartum doulas, body workers and placenta encapsulationists to all interact with each other so that they feel comfortable with calling on one another for support. This approach weaves our in-house relationships into a fabric that provides unwavering support for the families we tend… And to complete the Carriage House Birth vision, we bring it all together under one cozy roof. The Carriage House Birth Space is a womb-like storefront that is located in the heart of our actual village, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



Photo on 8-20-13 at 2.21 PMVera Krijn  is a certified reflexologist who guides with fertility, pre and post birth support.

Vera is specialized in reproductive health, works closely with obstetricians to help women with high-risk pregnancy and postpartum related problems. Her Conditioned response Reflexology (CRR™ program) for painless childbirth has been successfully taught here in the USA and Europe since 2005 and is used by midwives in the Netherlands. The postnatal application of Vera’s program helps women with postpartum recovery, edema, breastfeeding problems and postpartum depression.


Karilyn Sanders Modern New York Newborn Photography2014-12-19_0001-900x601IMG_9691_copy

Hi, I’m Karilyn. I’m based in New York, and my goal as your photographer is to help you decorate your home with beautiful images of your newborn. I’ll walk you through the process of designing wall displays and albums so that you can have professionally designed pieces with minimal effort. There’s something truly powerful about walking into a home filled with professional images of your family.


Ingrid_Carozzi_Tin_Can_Studios_BrooklynTin Can Studios is the vision of Ingrid Carozzi, a graphic designer turned passionate floristNo._7_recycled_urn_1024x1024

Tin Can provides a full-service floral design for events and occasions. Their floral arrangements are crafted in recycled and reused vessels, an approach that creates interesting contrasts and unexpectedly stylish details: peonies in reclaimed wooden crates, bridal bouquets tied with richly-colored antique ribbon, a vintage footed bowl overflowing with a seasonal mix of blooms. They provide a truly one of a kind birth bouquet.


char&torWhite Rabbit England manufactures and curates exquisite and unique childrens lighting, gifts and interiors.282_1_large

White Rabbit England, established in 2001, was the bbrainchildof sisters Charlotte and Victoria who set out to recreate the magical lamps, night lights they loved as children. They loved white rabbits and had a pet white rabbit called Harvey. “So White Rabbit was a perfect name for the business and we always say ‘white rabbits’ to each other on the first of the month for good luck too!” Exclusive 15% Discount with code ‘babyusa’ 

Baby Nurses, Night Nurses & Nannies

Please contact Manon for a list of wonderful, supportive, trained and highly skilled ladies.