go to link Since 1999, Manon Chevallerau has been working one-on-one with new parents as a postpartum doula /consultant, focused on giving them tools to tune into their newborn’s personality, recognize and set routines and help to build confidence. She guides in breastfeeding and baby care. Manon helps to create healthy sleep habits, does sleep training guidance and helps parents to understand developmental stages to set up a strategy to go back to work.

http://naturalweightlossforever.com/product-tag/email/?add-to-cart=357 Manon was inspired to become a consultant following the natural births of her own children, a home birth in her hometown Amsterdam, Netherlands and at the Elisabeth Seton Child Bearing Center in New York City. These experiences allowed her to recognize her innate ability to use her maternal insights to support parents into their Journey into Parenthood.

viagra buy online nz From 2003-2009 Manon hosted popular mother and father support groups. During these weekly open forums she guided hundreds of new parents from birth to 9 months by giving them the needed parenting skills and answering their questions and concerns. She was the pioneer of the first parenting support network within the Downtown Manhattan community, which lead to additional neighborhood support collectives throughout the city. In 2007, she designing unique work/life workshops customized for forward looking Corporations bringing an integrated approach that embraces various philosophies. These workshops were designed around flexibility and engagement that gave Corporate employees the ability to build their parenting skills. Manon’s strong networking skills has made her an influencer in the NYC Parenting & Family communities. 

Manon studied at the Art Academy in Amsterdam. Her experience in design, Interior and Fashion, have led to her unique ability to think outside of the box, to develop creative and innovative solutions and practical situations in life. Her leadership, organizational skills and sense of community have been finely honed through fundraising and event planning for several non profit organizations. Her personable nature, wisdom and inspirational strength as a single mother paired with her “Dutch touch” have made her an exceptionally passionate leader in her field. 

Manon moved to New York City in 1992, currently residing in downtown Manhattan with her children Marlon 25, and Gina 19.